What I Do At Weddings

Whether it's light entertainment during your wedding ceremony, over drinks/meal, or as the main feature act at your wedding reception, I can provide any musical back drop to suit any part of your special day.

LJ London Acoustic Singer Guitarists For Hire LJ wedding singer and guitarist for hire London

Standard Wedding Service

Here is a list of my standard services for corporate events, private parties and weddings for up to 500 people:

  • Arrive at a time that is suitable and set up within 30 minutes
  • Perform a first dance from my repertoire
  • DJ the first song requests if not from my repertoire
  • Perform two forty-five minute sets of live chilled or party music
  • I play music from my laptop/ipod before and between my live sets
  • High quality PA & spot lighting provided, suitable for wedding audiences of up to 300 people


Additional Upgrade Options

 And here are my besoke or upgraded service options:

  • DJ service (Separate DJ)
  • Later finish (let music play through the PA after I’ve finished or an After midnight finish)
  • Early arrival (before your wedding guests arrive)
  • Sixty minute acoustic set during your wedding drinks reception/meal
  • Extra 30 minutes (making it 2x 60 min sets instead of 2x45mins)
  • Learn a first dance if not in my repertoire
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email


What I'll Do At Your Wedding

LJ Corporate Event Singer Guitarist For Hire London

Arrival, set up and sound check

When I've arrived at the wedding venue I’ll liaise with the venue staff/event manager and load in, set up and sound check as quickly and as discretely as possible. This takes approximately 30 minutes, 5 minutes of which is for 'sound check' which involves me playing live, full volume, in order to balance the sound and get the best possible live sound in your specific venue. 

I am happy to arrive and set up before your guests but will charge an early arrival fee (per hour).

LJ Corporate Event Singer Guitarist For Hire London

1st Dance & 1st live set

It is normal procedure, from my experience, for the first live set to begin with your first dance. This can be from chosen from my repertoire or from a collection of songs on my laptop.

Having performed my first live set, I'll take a  halft-time break (usually around 15-30 minutes). This is usually when the venue/catering team serves the buffet and gives you time to refresh. During this time either I'll leave a playlist of suitable music running in the background through my PA system or my DJ will look after the music and take requests.

LJ Corporate Event Singer Guitarist For Hire London

After set up

After I've set up and sound checked I will put background music on through my PA system and go to change into my stage clothes, and this is usually when I'll eat. You will need to arrange for the venue to provide me with a secure changing room (a lockable room which is NOT the toilets), and for your catering team to provide me with a hot meal and soft drinks/tea/coffee. This is standard for all wedding/corporate/party bookings for any band/artist. If I can't eat before the first set (e.g. if the event is running behind schedule and I need to perform right away) – then I'll eat during the break after my first performance. 

LJ Corporate Event Singer Guitarist For Hire London

2nd live set & end of the night

After my second live performance, I will pack my equipment down, that's unless you've selected a later finish upgrade (post-midnight). I will do this as quickly and quietly as possible, so as not to disturb your guests. It usually takes around 15-30mins to pack down.

Once my equipment is away, I'll say my thanks and good byes and I'll head home - hopefully leaving your guests in awe.


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